Confectionary Oils and Fats

Professor, Dr Vijai K. S. Shukla has been working in the area of confectionery product development for the four decades. He has a special expertise in cocoa butter, milk fat, cocoa butter equivalents and cocoa butter substitutes based on modern concepts of recipe engineering.

Why Dr. Shukla for Confectionary Fats?

American Oil Chemists' Society 1996 prestigious Herbert Dutton Award for pioneering contribution in Lipid research presented in Indianapolis. The title of the award lecture was “Chocolate - The Chemistry of Pleasure”. American Oil Chemists’ Society 2002 prestigious Stephen S. Chang Award presented in Montréal, Canada. The title of the award lecture was ”Chocolate – Friend or Foe?” This award is given to a scientist who has achieved decisive accomplishments in basic research. The knowledge that the person has produced must have been utilized by industries for the improvement or development of food products related to lipids.

Stable and Healthy

Design stable products and optimization of factories in terms of cost economics for industries such as Chocolate, Frying, Dairy and Nutraceutical industries.


Development of exclusive tailor made antioxidants for Food, Cosmeceutical and Pharmaceutical industries. Several of these synergistic mixtures have been developed as processing aid antioxidants and providing preservative properties as well.


Design lipid and active based Cosmeceuticals for the industry and provide extensive knowledge in handling and application of these products in formulations.


Involved globally in converting conventional product portfolio to Organic as and where possible.