Prof. Shukla won the AOCS Award of Merit 2023

Dr Shukla has won the prestigious AOCS Award of Merit 2023 award for his extraordinary scientific contributions in the wide field of oils, fats and lipids.

He has achieved decisive accomplishments in basic lipids research, and collaborated in various projects relating to commercialization of his research work, which have led to publication of over 100 scientific papers published in various international journals.

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Prof. Dr. Vijai K. S. Shukla is a world renowned most awarded Scientist when it comes to Foodaceuticals, Natural Cosmeceuticals and Greenerceuticals®. Prof. Shukla provides research and evidence-based guidance in the above areas. We can offer guidance and knowledge for the development of highly effective products for better and safe health in the above fields. Human body`s most important organs - brain, heart, eyes, skin and hair are revived by stabilized W3 and thus introducing the concept of W6/W3 balance to create a balanced health and life.

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Prof. Dr. Vijai K. S. Shukla's Research and Publications

Professor, Dr Vijai K S Shukla is author of nearly 100 original scientific publications, 12 invited review papers, 15 book chapters in the areas of biochemistry, human nutrition, cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, enzymology, modern analytical techniques for the separation of lipids and proteins. Editor of six books.

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